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Ever-changing content that interests and entertains. That’s what we stand for.

Change title to: Technology keen

The digital landscape is ever-changing. Therefore, we only use the latest and most modern tech to provide our customers with the best of the best.

Multi-device options

Our content is available on all devices. So, whether you’d like to view from your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, it’s totally up to you!

Who we are

An accessible platform provider

All our services are optimized to be used on any device that suits you. Hereby, our platforms and applications will detect with which device you are visiting us and adjust to the right size of your screen.

A qualified team

The people make up for the company and its character, right? We truly believe we've gathered a smart, creative, and kind group of individuals and could not be happier to walk this road together to create engaging content for you.

An expert in the field

With a grand variety of professionals, we build the most innovative and engaging platforms. We can officially say that we are an expert in the digital marketing field and are growing daily.

A source of premium content

We deliver health & fitness portals, you enjoy them to make the best out of your life and body. That's the deal. With the wide variety of premium content options such as recipes, apps, workout videos, e-books and more, there is something for everyone.

''By being both the creator and user of Streamim's platforms, I believe we stay on top of the health & lifestyle game.''
- Jade

What we offer


Ongoing support

We don’t leave you hanging. Do you have an urgent question? Or do you have a problem that needs attention? Contact us by email or phone – we’d love to hear from you.


Qualitative information

Quality over quantity we always say. Do it good or go home. With care, our field specialists select the most intriguing information to spark that interest in you to make the changes to your lifestyle that you want.


A multi-language service

At Streamim, we value good and clear communication. Thanks to our teams around the world, we are stationed globally. After many years of working on our communication, languages and management, we now offer multi-language platforms. We are very proud of this!